10 Effective Steps to Sell Your Home

1.  Make a Good First Impression

Clear your home of any exterior obstacles that could take away from your home’s true appeal. A neatly manicured lawn and a few fresh coats of paint can give your home a face-lift that warmly welcomes prospects. Make sure leaves are raked and fallen debris are removed during the cooler months. A clutter free porch and a freshly scrubbed front door can also add appeal. 

2.  A Little Elbow-Grease for an Added Bonus

The interior should match the exterior’s kempt and clean image. Thoroughly clean each room in the home, especially the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. Pay close attention to carpets and hardwood flooring. Give walls a touch up with paint or add new, lively décor, which also increases the home’s property value. Show prospects how amazing the home really looks than how it could look. 

3. Replace Bulbs and Repair Faucets

Don’t allow minor problems distract prospects from the bigger picture. Replace any blow bulbs in and around the home and check light fixtures and switches to ensure they function properly. Repair dripping faucets and faulty pipes.

4. De-clutter Closets

Closets appear larger to prospects when they are dusted and well organized. File and sort through loose paperwork, donate any unwanted clothing and utilize storage containers to display the closet’s full storage potential. 

5. Brighten Those Bathrooms

Give bathrooms a floor to ceiling clean and repair any damages. Fill in cracks around the tub and shower with caulking. Remove soap scum and grime that may be present and, if possible, try to eliminate rust stains and discoloration in tubs, toilets, and sinks. For an extra edge, display your best decorative towels, bath mats and shower curtains.

6. Make Bedrooms Beautiful

Create a cozy candid bedroom by sprucing up furniture and removing excess clutter. Vibrant curtains, pillows and bedspreads add an inviting touch.

7. Keep a Leash on Pets

Though pets are a beloved member of the family, they are not ideal when showing a home to prospects. Keep pets in their kennels or outdoors. Make sure areas in which they dwell are tidy and clean. Be sure to lint roll any present pet hair from furniture and sweep thoroughly to remove hair and pet dander from floors.

8.  Take a Breather

Be welcoming to prospects without pressing conversation. Allow prospects to view your home through their own initial observations without interruptions. 

9. Leave it to the Experts

When the time comes to talk price, legal terms, and other real estate matters, allow prospects to speak with your friendly and dedicated CPA Realty agent.

10. Assist Your CPA Agent

Schedule your home showings through your CPA Realty agent. This will make selling your home convenient for prospects and easier for you!